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Website Launched for Jolly Mole Drama 09/10/20

I’ve been a busy bee working on a website for a new company launching in St Helens next month. Jolly Mole Drama will provide storytelling sessions for babies, toddlers and children.

I worked with Sarah Gwilliam, Director at Jolly Mole, to create a site full of colour, fun and the key information for Sarah’s customers. 

You can see the full site here at 

Approved by the SVA 04/09/20

I’m delighted to announce that I have been approved by the Society of Virtual Assistants. 

The Society strives to raise standards in the VA industry and the SVA Approved Virtual Assistant scheme stipulates a number of standards VAs have to meet before they can be approved. 

Further details of the standards can be found here.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of continuing to learn, continuing to raise my own standards  and help to raise industry standards, and continuing my professional development.   

I am very proud to have been approved by the SVA. 

Autumn Launch for SHS


The new website and branding for Sarah Henry Safeguarding SHS was officially launched on 1st September.  

This has been a lovely project to work on.   Sarah has been trading since 2018 as an independent safeguarding consultant and she made the move to a Limited Company earlier this year.   To mark the change,  Sarah wanted a logo and website redesign that represented her passion for protecting and safeguarding children and adults at risk.     

With Sarah’s own beautiful photography, we created a logo featuring a butterfly on a flower and redesigned her website to encapsulate her new brand. 

You can visit Sarah’s new website at 



Preparing for a Different Kind of Autumn


It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a most unusual and unpredictable year so far. 

As we approach Autumn, and we find ourselves living in a time where our situation can change drastically in a matter of hours, now is the time to review your contingency planning to include provisions for the current pandemic.   Read more.


A New World 06/05/20

I cannot recall a time in my lifetime when, as a society, we have had to adapt to a new situation so quickly.   I’ve read in several opinion pieces recently that the message to stay at home has frightened us and made us risk averse.   

It certainly has frightened us, and in particular our younger members of society.  We don’t have the news on much in our house as it scares the children.    But, I’m not sure it has made us risk averse.  I wonder if it has made us the opposite.  Read more.


Coping: Some Tips 26/03/20

We are certainly in uncharted waters right now and people from all walks of life are living in a time of great anxiety and uncertainty.   As human beings we seek comfort in routine and structure, but what do we do when that is taken away from us without warning?   

I’ve written some tips based on the things I find helpful at the moment.  

Read more.


Sarah Goes From Strength to Strength 13/02/20

I recently had the privilege of VAing at The Adverse Childhood Experience Conference.   I was working with my client, Sarah Henry, who runs her own Safeguarding Training and Consultancy business.  Sarah is also my sister, so I’m very fortunate that we get to work together.    The conference was a huge success and Sarah has published new training dates for her Mental Health First Aid training and her Early Years Designated Safeguarding Lead course.   Sarah’s mantra is that Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility and that’s absolutely spot on. 

It’s a joy to see Sarah’s business going from strength to strength, not just because she is my sister, but because she is an incredibly gifted trainer and facilitator.  You can find out more at

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Laptop & Calendar – Emma Matthews on Unsplash, Flamborough Sunset – Madeleine Thompson, Clouds – Madeleine Thompson,  Sarah Henry speaking – Sarah Henry.