A Bit About Me

Madeleine ThompsonI established my business in the summer of 2017 to be able to offer my expertise to small business owners and fellow self-employed folk because I believe that brilliant admin support should be available to all businesses no matter the size. 

I first dipped my toe into the wonderful world of admin support when I was sixteen and spent a summer audio-typing for my dad at his Structural Engineer’s practice.    Fast forward a few years and I’ve built up a solid career looking after people from CEOs to Chairpersons, from Artists to Web Designers, and from Project Directors to Property Managers.   All were invaluable experiences giving me a wealth of skills and knowledge.     

Below is a snapshot of some of the places I have been on my journey so far.   



I graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2002 with a degree in Communication Studies.  Lincoln was a young university with a small student population and a lot of promise.   My time there was pretty amazing.

aron-van-de-pol-tZDtyUrYrFU-unsplash (2)

seeking my fortune

Then I trotted off to London to see the Queen.  I never actually met the Queen, but I did get my first proper job as a secretary to a firm of Chartered Surveyors.   One of my shortest jobs but one where I learnt so much from my co-secretary who taught me how to be an excellent PA. 

sunset on cliff

moving home

Being a Yorkshire girl, I missed home and I missed the North.  

So I trotted back to Yorkshire and began the next phase in my career, working in arts administration and then as a PA to the MD of an up-and-coming Web Design agency.    

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

admin for the bard

‘Twas the love of a good man that led me down the motorway to the Midlands, and then good fortune that the Royal Shakespeare Company were looking for a team to help with their theatre transformation.  

I became their Project Administrator and spent the next three years running their project office, managing their project administration, and learning all about Shakespeare. 


going up in the world

The North has a very strong pull on me and I found myself returning again in late 2007, putting down roots in the North West with my husband and taking a job as an Executive Assistant for a health and social care charity. 

I worked for nine years in this role  and I developed personally and professionally, under the guidance of a wonderful CEO.

Madeleine Thompson VIrtual Assistant Logo

the next chapter

2017 was the right time for the move out of employment and into self-employment.  

I love running my business and I love seeing happy clients and knowing I have helped them. 


Image credits:   

Lincoln – Matthew Feeney on Unsplash,  London – Aron Van de Pol on Unsplash,  Royal Shakespeare Theatre –  pixelsteve on Pixabay, Comedy/Tragedy Masks – Clker-Free-Vector Images on Pixabay, Flamborough Sunset & Office Table –  Madeleine Thompson.