A New World.

I cannot recall a time in my lifetime when, as a society, we have had to adapt to a new situation so quickly.   I’ve read in several opinion pieces recently that the message to stay at home has frightened us and made us risk averse.   

It certainly has frightened us, and in particular our younger members of society.  We don’t have the news on much in our house as it scares the children.    But, I’m not sure it has made us risk averse.  I wonder if it has made us the opposite.   Collectively, we have had to make many changes to life that we didn’t think were possible before and in this way we are taking risks and trying new things every day. 

Workers who were based in offices suddenly find themselves working from home with new ways of working to navigate – new technology, remote working, loss of face-to-face interaction with colleagues, new ways to communite.  Managing time more effectively because it now blurs into home life.  Trying to work against the background chatter as households are in lockdown together. 

Self-employed people who can no longer work in their businesses because of a fall in custom are finding themselves looking to new jobs and industries, often with no link to their previous career.

Those with children and young people at home have been thrust into a sudden and completely unprepared for homeschooling situation.

The weekly foodshop has turned into a gauntlet, where every part of getting our groceries has to be carefully considered in order to avoid catching the virus.   Whoever would have imagined that a trip to the shop would be such a risk. 

And for those who are unable to work at home, and of course our key workers, actually going to work every day carries a significant amount of risk.

People talk of a new normal. This feels like a new world.   As a society, we have been forced to embrace a way of living, working and schooling that sits so far away from our comfort zone, we never pictured it before. 

So I think we should recognise this.   We are having to take risks, have courage, and walk into a future that is unknown and hard to predict.