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I'm a Virtual Assistant providing support to small businesses and solo business folk, with a particular focus on those of you who are just starting out. I work in a calm and methodical way, offering solutions and using my creative talents to help you grow and nurture your business.
Feel free to mooch around my site and whenever you are ready, drop me a line.
Madeleine Thompson
madeleine thompson
Virtual Assistant

How Can I Help You?

I provide business support, secretarial support, and creative support.

Perhaps you need something specific, like setting up your systems or preparing your business literature; or something specialist, such as helping you to adhere to your Company Secretarial requirements; or maybe what you need is more project-based, such as creating a brochure website to showcase your business.  

Whatever you need, we can map it out and make a plan from there. 


What's my story?

Never underestimate the importance of working relationships.  They are the glue that holds us together and lets us work brilliantly.     Part of this is being able to know who we are and what our story is.  Not just our professional qualifications, but the stepping stones we have walked on to get where we are today.  So, I’ve included a little timeline to tell you a bit about my travels so far. 

What's Your Story?

Drop me a line, let me know what you need, who you are, what your story is.  

Let me understand what makes you happy.  What helps you work.  What is your ‘Why’, and where do you dream yourself to be with your business?

I love to listen, I love to help, I love to learn about my clients so I can help you nurture your business.    

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Let's Work Together

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Approved Virtual Assistant

I am an Approved Member of the Society of Virtual Assistants. This means that I adhere to a set of professional standards and demonstrates my commitment to my clients and to my profession.

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