About Me

So, how did the girl go from learning to type, to forging out a successful twenty-year career in administration support?  

Well, at the tender age of 16, when I was discovering love interests and trying to be cool, I spent a summer working as an audio typist in my father’s firm of Consulting Engineers.   The experience helped me to hone my typing skills and learn how to support an office in an administrative way. 

Little did I know that it was the beginning of a blossoming career for me.   

I still support my father’s firm but I’ve added a few more roles along the way – PA and Marketing Assistant for a graphic design agency, Arts Administrator for an arts development group, Secretary for a property management company, Project Administrator for a world-renowned theatre, and Executive Assistant for a health and social care charity. 

All wonderful roles and all a privilege to do.   

I set up Virtual Madeleine because I knew I could use my skills on a freelance basis to help other businesses and enable them to outsource writing-based administrative tasks to me, thus freeing up time to focus on what they love.    I love writing and the power of words, and I have built all of my services around this passion.   

I believe very strongly in having kind, calm and honest working relationships.   My approach to work is creative yet methodical, professional, confidential and respectful.

I’m thrilled you’ve visited my site.  Please have a look around and let’s see if I can help you.